Random Five: Fighting the Fat

Since I’ve moved to Houston, my resting weight has gone up 20 pounds. You know the weight that you can maintain with little or no effort. 20! That is out of control. I was never a small girl so this is not cool. I’m finally getting all of my clothes from storage and I won’t be able to fit anything.

#5 Weight Watchers is watching my weight increase
I was so gung ho. The Hubster was uber-supportive, helping me to prepare meals, going for walks with me. Unfortunately, just like most of my efforts, something happens to throw me off track – a business trip, a couple of dinners after work with friends – and everything gets shoved to the side. I haven’t filled out my Weight Watchers journal in months. So instead of me dropping weight, I’ve just gotten bigger and bigger.

#4 Four Times is the Charm
My goal is to get to the gym four times a week. I’m hoping to go on Mon-Thurs and rest on the weekend. Right now I’m just walking on the treadmill to establish my routine. I envision myself getting to work ON-TIME, working my hours, going to the gym afterwards, doing a 45 min work out, going home, taking a shower and smelling good and having dinner on the table around 7ish. I would take care of work, home, and my husband in balance. Let’s see how this works.

#3 My Stomach is a Stopwatch
Not really. But today I was on the treadmill and at 25 minutes, the machine just stopped. I couldn’t figure out why. The lights were still on, the numbers were paused. The only way the machine would stop like that is if the emergency button….oh my gosh. My stomach pushed the emergency stop button. I guess it was tired *shrug*

#2 Fat to Thin and Fat Again
Is it crazy to want to lose weight before we get pregnant. I mean, its all going to blow up again right? For some reason I feel like this is a must. I want a healthy pregnancy with healthy weight gain. Not fat on top of fat.

#1 Hot Pants
The last time I weighed myself, I almost cried. How did I let myself get to this point? So instead of doing the routine weigh in, I’m going to use the Hot Pants method. I have a pair of black pants that I’ve had since around 2006. I can tell based on those pants how big or small I’ve gotten and those suckas are TIGHT! If I can get them to where they don’t curl up and roll up under my tummy and they have a little bit of give in the thighs, then that is PROGRESS!


Random Five: A House Is Not a Home

Until Melodi and the Hubster move into it!  I am so excited about our upcoming move, I don’t know what to do.  The Hubster is managing the upgrades that we are making so things are in progress.  I need them to move faster.  Until then, I guess I just have to be happy with getting ready to move to our new home.

#5 Houzz.com is that ish!
Seriously.  I have gotten so many design ideas from there.  Including my sexy bedroom photo.  Yes, this will be our bedroom soon.  There may not be any babies made, but plenty off practice will be happening.

#4 Getting My Stuff
For the past six months we’ve been living in limbo.  We decided not to buy a lot of things or spend too much money on good quality things since we already have nice stuff…in storage.  So goodbye raggedy non-stick skillet, random dull knives, low thread count sheets, mismatched towel sets.   Oh, how I have missed my things.

#3 My Own Space
I LUV the Hubster, but one bedroom doesn’t leave you anywhere to go when you need some alone time.  I can’t even stalk out of a room properly.  Plus we only have one television and sometimes a girl just needs to watch her shows and not have to negotiate around NBA finals season.

#2 Saturday Cleaning Up Music
There are certain songs or artists that I associate with Saturday morning cleaning with my mother.  We used to listen to The Best of Luther Vandross CD every weekend.  So here’s a little Luther to take us through our cleaning frenzy as we move.

#1 Full-time Nesting
I don’t know when this started but I feel myself wanting to be that person that remembers special days for everyone in the family, that keeps in touch, whose house is always open for guests and for a shoulder to cry on.  I’m ready to come home and cook wonderful meals for my husband while looking around my immaculate home (after the housekeeper comes).  I’m ready to build my nest.

We can’t just have the slow jams, we have to have the upbeat cleaning music too.  Enjoy!