Random Five: A House Is Not a Home

Until Melodi and the Hubster move into it!  I am so excited about our upcoming move, I don’t know what to do.  The Hubster is managing the upgrades that we are making so things are in progress.  I need them to move faster.  Until then, I guess I just have to be happy with getting ready to move to our new home.

#5 Houzz.com is that ish!
Seriously.  I have gotten so many design ideas from there.  Including my sexy bedroom photo.  Yes, this will be our bedroom soon.  There may not be any babies made, but plenty off practice will be happening.

#4 Getting My Stuff
For the past six months we’ve been living in limbo.  We decided not to buy a lot of things or spend too much money on good quality things since we already have nice stuff…in storage.  So goodbye raggedy non-stick skillet, random dull knives, low thread count sheets, mismatched towel sets.   Oh, how I have missed my things.

#3 My Own Space
I LUV the Hubster, but one bedroom doesn’t leave you anywhere to go when you need some alone time.  I can’t even stalk out of a room properly.  Plus we only have one television and sometimes a girl just needs to watch her shows and not have to negotiate around NBA finals season.

#2 Saturday Cleaning Up Music
There are certain songs or artists that I associate with Saturday morning cleaning with my mother.  We used to listen to The Best of Luther Vandross CD every weekend.  So here’s a little Luther to take us through our cleaning frenzy as we move.

#1 Full-time Nesting
I don’t know when this started but I feel myself wanting to be that person that remembers special days for everyone in the family, that keeps in touch, whose house is always open for guests and for a shoulder to cry on.  I’m ready to come home and cook wonderful meals for my husband while looking around my immaculate home (after the housekeeper comes).  I’m ready to build my nest.

We can’t just have the slow jams, we have to have the upbeat cleaning music too.  Enjoy!

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