Toddler Bits: Can I Wear Your Shoes?

Today when dropping Nana off, I noticed one of her classmates had on some cute cowboy boots.  I exclaimed over them and asked if she thought I could fit them.  She shyly shook her head no, with a slight grin on her face. Silly grownup.  How funny is it that an big person would want to wear her little shoes?

I started going around the room, “Ooh look at those Hello Kitty shoes, do you think I could fit those.”  The next girl grinned, and gave me an extended, “noooo.”  Then all the children started gathering around showing me their shoes so I could comment on them.  “What about those with the Spiderman, can I wear those?  Oooh, those light up, will my big toe fit?”  With each question, more children joined in until eventually my questions were met with a loud chorus of “NOOO!” and a whole bunch of giggles.

Finally, after commenting on everyone’s shoes and getting no one to pony up, I exclaimed in faux exasperation, “all of these cute shoes and no one wants to let me borrow them.”  Nana exclaimed, “You can wear mine, Mommy.”

That’s my girl!  I knew she would have my back.  Since her shoes are cuter than mine, I counting down the years to take her up on that offer.


One thought on “Toddler Bits: Can I Wear Your Shoes?

  1. I used the same technique for ages with a little girl I was teaching that wouldn’t speak in class. It was always met with a grin and later a giggle that I wanted to borrow her shoes. In time I got a giggling Noooooo, and later we would chat about where she got her shoes.

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