We’re Back – New Add Water and Stir Podcast Thursday!

We took a short break for the Thanksgiving holiday but we’re back!

On the 12th episode of Add Water and Stir,  AdoptiveBlackMom and Mimi of ComplicatedMelodi (that’s me!) will explore the upsides and the downsides of parenting.  We’ll share some of the taboos that we’ve encountered related to parenting and, specifically, parenting adoptive kids.  We’ve bumped into all kinds of stuff out here in the blogosphere and in our various support networks related to adoption. We’ll also share about some of our top parenting trials and triumphs.

Join us this Thursday night, December 4, at 9pm CST/10pm EST as we discuss what we’ve learned during our first year as adoptive parents.  As usual we’ll Wine Down with some pop culture and reality tv.

Join the dynamic duo on Thursday night on Google+.

Or catch Add Water and Stir later on YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher or the podcast page a few days later.

Be sure to subscribe and rate!


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