Doing it Wrong: Picture Day

Doing Nana’s hair every day is more than a notion. My supply of barrettes and bands continues to dwindle.  Plus, I’m not all that excited about manipulating her hair so much because of the breakage.

Plus the time.  Everyday – taking it down, moisturizing, parting, banding, twisting.  It’s one of the reasons why we are late running out of the door.  So, I usually try to braid it into cornrows on wash day to give me  an entire week of get dressed and go.

Two weeks ago, I gave Nana cornrows as usual but the end result was AWFUL.  I mean, when I got done, she looked like she had a mushroom on her head. It was so mannish.  She looked like a little boy.  It was uncute.  The opposite of cute.  Everything but cute.

But…it was done.  And she’s two.  I mean, who is she trying to impress.  I put a pink barrette on it and kept it moving.

That hairstyle was so ugly but it was extra hardy.  It held up with an acceptable level of fuzziness after a week.  I was impressed with myself.  So much so that when Wood asked me on Sunday if I was going to take it down, I thought nah.  It can hold up another week.

On Monday afternoon, the school director sent a reminder.  Picture day tomorrow!

OMG! Seriously?  She absolutely cannot take a picture with a mushroom head.

I am so grateful for Wood who, after receiving my panicked phone call, took down most of her hair by the time I got home.  The next day, I was able to put her hair in a cute side ponytail.

For picture day, the parents drop off a change of clothes and the daycare workers dress the children for you. Our fingers are crossed that the pictures come out okay.

Keeping on top of everything that Nana needs for school keeps me on my toes.  Every time I think I’m on top and am prepared for Nana’s activities, something happens to bring me back to reality.






3 thoughts on “Doing it Wrong: Picture Day

  1. This is so funny. My mom was asking me if I wanted a girl or boy and I was saying that if a girl was placed with me, she would have to come braid her hair every week. I can’t cornrow to save my life, lol. She’d have to live a life full of afropuffs and twists…or loc up like me, lol.

  2. I also can’t cornrow!! I want to be able to do it well and cute. ABM is right, we need to get it together LOL. I’m hoping to catch up on your blog life, lady. See you soon!

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