Add Water and Stir: Narratives & Flipped Scripts


On the 11th episode of Add Water and Stir, hosts ComplicatedMelodi and AdoptiveBlackMom explore National Adoption Awareness Month.  The month of November is often seen as a time when adoptive parents and adoption agencies celebrate families created by adoption, fundraise for agency efforts, host adoption expos and just generally promote adoption.  The narrative emphasizes how awesome adoption is and can be–and it is for those of us who have created families this way.  But this narrative largely ignores the voices of adoptees and how adoption shapes how they view themselves, their unique trials and triumphs and adoption as an industry.  Saying it’s complicated might be an understatement.

On Thursday night at 9pm CST/10pm EST, ABM and Mimi will chat about the dominant adoption narrative and the powerful, adoptee-led #FlipTheScript movement on Twitter.  As usual we’ll Wine Down with some Blackish and possibly some reality TV!

Join the dynamic duo on…

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