doing it wrong: halloween

Doing it Wrong: Halloween

It all started with a frantic phone call to another parent.  Well, let me rewind this back a few weeks.

Wood and I started the conversation about Halloween a few weeks ago.  We’ve never been big Halloween people.  We don’t typically dress up, no children come trick-or-treating, we just hang out at home. We both were raised in church and have some familiarity with trick-or-treating but both of our families leaned towards something church-based and benign versus Halloween parties and spending a lot of energy on decorating and dressing up.  Sometimes I look wistfully at other folks pictures and think huh, that looks like a cute bonding experience for couples, but generally I’ve been fine with keeping the lights off on this holiday.

That all changed when Nana came along.

We started talking about if we would get Nana a costume, would we participate in any activities and generally how much we wanted to buy into the celebration.  Wood was still pretty strongly against Halloween while I kind supported the idea of getting our children dolled up, being creative and having fun.  I think there are two ways to celebrate any holiday, the religious standpoint and the secular part. If Nana is dressed up like a bumble-bee, are we really supporting a pagan celebration?  Plus, I don’t want her to miss out on the fun and the grandparents want pictures.  These are real issues, man.

So we compromised, as a good married couple should.

Wood didn’t have any strong objection while Nana was little so he was fine with her getting a costume and we will continue to revisit this conversation yearly.

So that was that.  Nana is getting a costume! She is going Trunk-or-Treating!

Sidebar: I really don’t like that name.  So if I don’t give them a treat, what happens to my trunk?  Why are we having pre-schoolers close to random folks in trunks anyway.  The whole thing sounds a little nutty to me.

I ordered a Doc McStuffing coat and bag from Amazon, a purple striped shirt and pink skirt  and some stockings from Old Navy for $14 and was ready to go.  I introduced Nana to the cartoon – she doesn’t watch much tv – and now she is lightweight obsessed.  But she had to know who she was, right?

So I’m sitting back, all smug about this Halloween caper until my Amazon Prime failed me.  As of Monday, my costume hadn’t been shipped even though it was supposed to arrive on Tuesday.   On Tuesday, they had updated the expected arrival date to Weds.  Uhmmm, the trunk-or-treat is on Thursday, that is cutting it close.  This morning, it still hadn’t shipped. I called Amazon and they were like, hmmm. That’s strange.  We’ll ship one overnight but it won’t get there until Thursday.   *sad face*

Plus, I had only focused on the outfit and NOTHING else.  What in the heck is a trunk-or-treat really? All of sudden, I had a vision of the parking lot with elaborately decorated tables in front of each trunk, parents decked out in their Halloween costumes with pinter-etsy inspired snack bags filled with organic fruit snacks made of burlap, stamped with pumpkins and tied with raffia ribbon.  Oh no!  I’m so unprepared.  I don’t even have any candy or fruit or anything.  I have so many questions. And the Trunk-or-Treat is tomorrow.

So I made a frantic phone call to another parent to get my questions asked.  Of course, Mimi is doing it wrong so it’s off to the party supply store.

Sidebar: Did ya’ll know that little kid costumes are 30+ dollars?  And these outfits can’t be worn again they are SOOO cheaply made.  It kind of tripped me out that people were in there buying these very expensive costumes for multiple children.  That bothers me.   I had no idea that there was so much consumerism and expectations around Halloween.  It just feels like one more thing that parents have to manage financially.  

After looking around the tutus, sexy vampires and scary masks, I high-tailed it out of there and ran to Target.  I picked up a lab coat (fingers still crossed that I get the one I ordered), some spider webby stuff, a green t-shirt and stripped undershirt, so I can dress up as Doc McStuffin’s mom, and two big bags of candy – no peanuts.   Oh wait.  They said no hard candy and I have suckers.  Does that count? Dang, Mimi is doing it wrong again.

I’ll be back this weekend to let you know how it turned out.


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