Join Us Live: Add Water and Stir – Episode 7 This Thursday

AWAS 007: Time Outs, Switches & Modern Parenting

“Ohhhhh man!  Back in the day, my mom whooped me with an extension cord!”

If you’ve ever hung out on “Black” social media, surely you’ve come across such a #ThrowBackThursday kind of post.  Not only has corporal punishment long been a form of discipline within the Black community (and other groups too), but there is often a certain amount of pride in having endured and thrived under the lash of a good spanking/whooping/beating.

On this week’s Add Water and Stir podcast ComplicatedMelodi’s Mimi and AdoptiveBlackMom will talk about discipline, communities of color and adoption.  Adoption often involves significant loss and trauma, requiring patient, therapeutic parenting.  Mimi and I will talk about how all this jives together in the face of family and friends who fondly reminisce and declare if it was good enough for them, then corporal punishment is good enough for the kids.

Of course, we’ll have our regular Wine Down session and offer our recommendations!

Join us LIVE at our  Google+ Hangout on Thursday night at 9pm CST/10pm EST!  By the way, Add Water and Stir is on over the internets.  Check out and subscribe to our Add Water and Stir Google+ page.  Subscribe to our Add Water and Stir YouTube channel.


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