Doing It Wrong: Pajama Day

Nana’s daycare has monthly pajama days.  Sigh. It feels like another thing for me to forget about like crazy sock day, or team colors day, or potty party day or an assortment of random days that require parents to design, create, buy or just remember something.

On a typical pajama day (when I put a reminder in my phone), I wake Nana, she takes off her pajamas, we do our bathroom routine and then she puts on a fresh pair of pajamas.

All has been going well, I’m celebrating my wins where I can find them.  She has on pajamas, other kids have on pajamas, yay me! Until, I read the following note from the school director for the next one:

Pajama Day Tomorrow! Just roll those children out of bed and send them to school in their jammies!

Say what now?  Was I supposed be sending her directly out of bed?  Did all the other parents know this?  It seems so strange to do a wash up and teeth brush and then send Nana out in the clothes that she just slept in.

What do ya’ll think?  Is Mimi doing Pajama Day wrong?


15 thoughts on “Doing It Wrong: Pajama Day

  1. No, Mimi is doing PJ Day right! That’s icky. A change of PJs is, um, in my view, preferred. Hope is no Nana, but I can assure you that errbody would like it if she cleaned up and changed for PJ day. Where they do that at???

  2. I don’t see the issue. If she bathed the night before, all you need to do is wash face, brush teeth, comb hair, feed breakfast, and roll out. All she did the night before is sleep.

    Now if she was sweating a lot at night or had an accident in her PJs then I could see a fresh set.

    But I don’t have kids, so what do I know?

    • Yeah, theoretically that sounds right and feels like i should just be able to do thatBut I never roll out in clothes that I slept in the night before so maybe it’s my own hangup

      • I agree – she doesn’t sweat or anything so she could actually just go. There are probably tons of folks that are rolling kids right out of the bed but just aren’t saying it. I love comment sections where people have differing opinions so I’m glad you wrote you thoughts.

  3. Oh my goodness… My first blog read of the day and I am laughing my butt off. You know, since I started reading blogs a few months ago I haven’t even read mainstream news, I have been laughing and thinking a lot more and I am feeling less like the world is just a terrible place.

    Parenting little kids is so hard and there is so much pressure.
    What will the staff think? What will that other moms think? What is the real right thing to do?

    No wonder participation in parent led organizations completely drops by middle school. I think its because most parents by then are either drunk or at the psychiatrists office.

    I think the director thought that was a cute thing to say and you should just do whatever your mommy heart wants to do. The cool thing is that you wrote it down.

    • Lol. Thank You for appreciating the win in writing it down! Yes, there is a lot of pressure in parenting. For the most part I shake it off but sometimes things sneak up and hit you. Welcome to the blog and glad I could make you laugh…

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