ICYMI: Add Water and Stir is Officially Official

The Add Water and Stir is Officially Official!  We are on iTunes and Stitcher, the major podcasting venues!  Our podcasts are informative, funny, serious, ratchet and everything in between.  Be prepared to get the real deal on foster care and adoption, our personal triumphs and failures and then Wine Down with us and our love of reality television.  We love our children and how we chose to grow our family but are real honest about how adding a child to your life through foster care/adoption is not as easy as “Add Water and Stir.”  Subscribe and Follow Us at any (or all of these places): Google+, YouTube,  iTunes,  or Stitcher.

Episode 6:  What’s Going On?

ComplicatedMelodi (Mimi) and AdoptiveBlackMom discuss what keeps them awake at night while raising children of color, in the wake of the death of Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO.  They chat about what survival skills must be taught and the role of privilege in shaping the racial experience of parents and kids.  The Wine Down focuses on Love and Hip Hop and Married at First Sight.


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