Cuteness As a Survival Tactic

I’m convinced that God made children so cute as a survival mechanism – to survive their parents.  I see this with Nana everyday.  That little baby voice and that pouty bottom lip. Where did she learn to do that?

She is also the master of changing the subject.

“Nana, I’ve asked you three times to stop touching that, why are you still touching it.”

Nana displays lowered head with pouty lower lip and upward looking eyes. You know the look.

“Nope, but going to work. Why were you still touching it?”

Nana raises shirt and hits her tummy.  “Look Mommy, this is my belly button.”

“Is that your belly button? It’s that your tummy?” Mimi commences to tickling and Nana falls over giggling.

Wait! Wasn’t I just being stern-faced Mommy a second ago.  How did we end up in a pool of laughter.

God knew what he was doing.


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