Add Water’s Latest On Self Care

Start your week off right. Watch or listen to the last episode of Add Water and Stir. Then tweet me @mimicomplex with what you are doing for self-care. Add the hashtag #treatYoSelf and we’ll read it on our next show!


The third episode of Add Water and Stir features real talk about the need to for adoptive parents to prioritize self-care.  Hosts ComplicatedMelodi (Mimi) and AdoptiveBlackMom (ABM) discuss the need to lay down the image of the strong woman and promote time for rest and rejuvenation – sometimes you just have to “take to your bed” for some rest.  They challenge adopting and fostering families to #TreatYoSelf to some self-care.

This podcast also explores the politics of foster care and how poor/low income families and families of color may find themselves confronted with limited resources leading to risky situations that lead to engagement with CPS and foster care systems.  Mimi and ABM wrap up the podcast with a “turnt up” discussion about Love and Hip Hop ATL: Mimi Faust’s “homemade” sex tape and what her good girlfriends had to say about her shenanigans. #webeendrinking

You can find the podcast on…

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