Add some WOW to your life (and other random updates)

Nana is teething.  How do I know this?  Because she was feverish this weekend and kept saying, my  mouth, my mouth and complaining that the food was too hard.  Nana NEVER complains about food.  Seriously, she will eat every grain of rice on her plate if you don’t take it away fast enough. So if there is food left, there MUST be something wrong.

What is this two-year old teething thing that is happening and why didn’t I know that she was missing teeth?  I need to sign up for Babycenter or something because we are failing at knowing the milestones.  Apparently, in comparison to Jessamy’s genius baby,  she is behind in knowing her colors too.  Right now she always says her shirt is pink and everything else is blue.  Pray for her, God is not through with her yet.

We went on a date.  Whenever Nana makes a mess, like smashing banana into her face or dropping rice on the floor, even though she has a personal placemat, a bib, a booster seat and a mouth, but whatevs, maybe the food is falling through the gaping hole in her mouth where her teeth should be.  Anyway, when she makes a mess, she will point at it and say very matter-of-factly, “Mess.”  To which we answer, “Yes, it’s a mess, sweetie.  But it’s okay.  Let’s clean it/you/the entire living room up.”  We are very nice and patient parents.

This weekend, Wood and I had the opportunity to go out for the first time in THREE MONTHS.  So I put on a frilly dress and attempted to beautify myself.  Nana helped me to apply my makeup by following me around the bathroom and saying, “I want some.  I want some,” repeatedly until I thought my head would explode.  Instead, I grabbed the chapstick, applied it delicately to her lips, told her to smack them together and to run and show Daddy.  Sigh.  Finally, I can put my Maybelline BB Creme on in peace.  I’m so fancy.

I applied some eye shadow, which I never do because I have to watch a Youtube video every time and my eyelids still end up looking lopsided, probably because I have to keep stopping to rewind the video which kind of messes up the flow.  Well, I totally rocked it without the help of  Youtube, added some mascara and was kissy-facing in the mirror in my selfie pose, pretty proud of myself.  Until Nana came into the bathroom, pointed at my face and said very matter-of-factly, “Mess.”  To which I replied, “Hmph, what do you know?  You don’t even know your colors, girl.”  We are very nice and patient parents.

She kind of had me shook though.  I asked Wood if he thought I looked like mess.  He said no, just like a good husband should.  I’m not even sure that he knew that I had on eye shadow. *shrug*

Did I mention that Wood and I had a date for the first time in THREE MONTHS.  After three months, I could have been wearing jogging pants and a ratty t-shirt and I still would have looked GOOD.  I was cute though.  I even wore Spanx to make it an official date.  We ate food and danced a jig.  Then we yawned, excused ourself early because, you know, kids *rolls eyes and shakes head to indicate life is so hard while restraining ourselves from running out the door*, picked up Nana, and went home.  We did stop and get snacks from Buc-ees.  Fresh beef jerky, hot cheetos and sunflower seeds.  A perfect end to a perfect night.  We are so middle-aged (and hood). When did that happen?

We received Nana’s redacted records.  Woohoo!  We are so excited about it that the disk is still sitting in its envelope untouched.  Education: before you can move to adoption placement, you have the opportunity to read every piece of paper filed related to your child’s case, but names of people, address, places that are not relevant, not directly related or provide too much information about the biological family and previous caretakers are redacted, or removed.

We are so not looking forward to reading any of this.  Who wants to sit with a big ball of burning anger  in their chest right before a holiday weekend?  We do!  Woo-sah.  So yeah, in the folder it shall sit.

We recorded a podcast.  Yes, AdoptiveBlackMom (ABM) and I did!  If you haven’t heard it, you need to listen to all of our goodness. It’s called Add Water and Stir because you know how when you make instant oatmeal you just add water and you have a meal, but with adoptive families you add a child or maybe you add the parent(s), who knows, it’s a metaphor because nobody is actually adding water or stirring, we are human beings, duh, but we make an instant family just like instant oatmeal, or something like that.  Of course ABM will word it very nicely and make it pretty and I will just copy and paste it on my blog, but until then you can:

a.  Check out the Youtube video:

b.  Listen to us right now:

c.  Go to our podcast blog where you can listen to the podcast AND check the show notes:

This is the inaugural episode of Add Water and Stir, a new podcast devoted to exploring adoption in communities of color.  Hosts AdoptiveBlackMom (ABM) and ComplicatedMelodi (Mimi) share how they came to be adoptive parents, and they delve into how their adoption stories differ from the mainstream adoption conversation.  Show highlights include receiving the child’s disclosure records, “passing” in same race adoptive families and the shade associated with parenting children of trauma.  (NOTE:  See how pretty this is?  It was written by ABM).

If you’ve read to the bottom of this blog, you obviously have some time on your hands so go ahead, listen right now and add some WOW to your life.


5 thoughts on “Add some WOW to your life (and other random updates)

  1. After baby teeth they also get 2 yr molars, then 6 and 12 yr molars then wisdom teeth I believe as an older teen.

  2. We continue to lead parallel lives in this universe. Hope cut her 12 yo molars over the last few weeks, and like you, I was like, you’re 12, why are you just getting teeth? Are these wisdoms? The science teacher had to school me.

    So glad you got out on that date, even if my girl Nana straight carried you with that “mess” comment. LOL. *Spanx!* #idied and hood snacks= ABM flatlined! 🙂

  3. I’m listening to the podcast and love it. I was led to foster care adoption due to fertility issues as well. So nice to hear other black parents discussing their experiences. Looking forward to future podcasts.

    • So happy that you loved it! We are hosting another one on Thursday. Hope you love this next one too!

      Tell me more about yourself – are you still doing foster care?

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