Leaving Paradise

chilis-paradise-pieDear Chili’s –

I gotta beef with you.  See what I did there? Why oh why did ya’ll stop selling the Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie?  How could you take the best dessert off the menu?  While I haven’t been to your establishment in some time, in my mind and taste buds, it was just yesterday that I tasted the warm, white brownie with chocolate chips, topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate AND caramel, and walnuts. I’m really out of sorts.  I feel betrayed.  It seems only fair that if you were to make such drastic changes to your menu that you should send out a public announcement. A commercial or mailing informing the true believes of the last day so that fans can come and bring alms, write sad Facebook posts, and kiss the sweet sweet taste of chocolate before it is gone forever.

Ya’ll got me feeling some type of way about this.  I seriously considered starting a petition over this but I don’t want to get dragged through the Twitter-verse.  Plus what else says glutton more than starting a petition for  dessert.  #teamtoomuch *shrug*

In closing, let me just say that I shall not grace your doors again until you resurrect my beloved dessert. I mean, I don’t actually eat at Chili’s because I don’t like anything on your  menu except for the burgers, but never mind, that is besides the point.  Consider this my formal resignation and I’m taking my whole family with me.


Update:  There is actually a change.org petition about this.  As of today, I have not signed it.


2 thoughts on “Leaving Paradise

    • I thought about it but didn’t want my government name affiliated with such shenanigans. I will be looking up how to make a reasonably delicious version at home. It was one of my favorite desserts.

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