Finally Father’s Day

For the past two years I have been writing about Father’s Day for Wood.  It has been the desire of his heart to be a father and it has been elusive.  Since we lost our child in 2010, Father’s Day has been hard for him.  When stories come on the news about deadbeat dads or fathers with children by multiple mothers with little interest in raising them, he gets upset, wondering why they have children and don’t really want them and we weren’t able to have any.

But FINALLY Wood has been able to experience Father’s Day as a father and he has enjoyed every minute. The phone call from his father early in the morning was like his induction into an exclusive fraternity and he’s been riding on that high all day. Nana and I have loved up on Dad all day.  We cooked breakfast, went to church, and took him a place that he has really wanted to go for years – a Brazilian steakhouse. Right now he is chilling at his favorite bar watching the game, child and wife-free.  All day has been full of love and surprises.

He deserves it.  He has been a reluctant participant in the foster care process, unsure of whether he would be able to love a child that wasn’t his own.  But since Nana has come into our lives, he has blossomed.  He loves that little girl and you can’t tell anyone that they don’t belong to each other.  I’m grateful to have been able to see his desires fulfilled and here’s to many more years of celebrating him as a dad.

2013 – Father’s Day

2012 – No Father’s Day for the Bear


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