A little empathy goes a long way

We are on the road again, errr, in the air again. Nana is still my certified road dog but this time she wasn’t so well behaved.  She wanted to run around the airport. She tried to stand on chairs. She attempted to grab this very understanding lady’s hamburger.  She slapped this poor man’s Kindle. Nana was on some ole YOLO mess.

I knew she needed a nap. Our flight was delayed almost an hour and there was too much going on in the airport for her to settle down. She was squirming, alternately yelling in glee and whining. She didn’t want to play with anything. She tried to squeeze my face and I saw anger in her eyes. Girl. What? Mommy don’t play that.

When we boarded the plan (thank goodness for family boarding) I set about the process to get her to sleep. My knees together, her laying across my lap, me readjusting her to get her to lay still and crying. So much crying. Loud crying. Constant crying. Annoying as hell crying.

Now I know that this will pass in about five minutes but the rest of the passengers don’t know that. I heard the people in front of me joke, “too late to change seats I guess.”  Passengers quickly moved past preferring a middle seat than a plush aisle seat next to a crying toddler.

But I was nonplussed.  “Y’all are going to have to deal with this crying,” I thought. Because they had no idea that the alternative is much much worse. Whining and fussing for two hours.  I’m looking out for them.

A nice gentleman sat down telling me sympathetically, “I can deal with a little crying.” 

I gave him a grateful smile that only parents that have gone through this sort of airplane hazing. While I wasn’t embarrassed at all it was nice to experience empathy from a total stranger. And he was right. Yes, we can all deal with a little crying.

A minute later Nana had stopped crying and her eyes were slowly closing. A few seconds later she was asleep.  We all made it through.

A little empathy sure does go a long way, doesn’t it.


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