Earth Day was the worst day

Yesterday Nana’s school celebrated Earth Day – translated as parents joining their children for a brown bag lunch of turkey sandwiches, chips and water on the playground.  Oh, and bubbles.  Lots and lots of bubbles.

It was cool for me because I got to meet some of the other children.  Wood gets to see all of them in their natural state when he picks her up, but when I drop off in the morning, the kids are all in one room and I don’t really get a chance to hang out and learn who is in her class.

All of the other children eat part of their sandwiches and chips and run off to play with the bubbles.  Of course, my child was unbothered. Couldn’t care less.  She was completely nonplussed by all the activity and chaos that surrounds her and was totally focused on finishing every morsel of her bag lunch.  She was made for this family ’cause when I’m hungry, I don’t care what the rest of ya’ll are doing either.  Go ‘head Nana.

After playing around with the bubbles, it was time to go back to the classroom for nap and for the parents to leave.

My baby cut the fool.  You hear me?  No, ya’ll don’t hear me.

When I first met her for lunch, she seemed to start gathering her food together and I had to slow her down and show her that we were eating together.  But once lunch was over and she recognized that I was leaving without her, she was not having it.   I have never seen her throw a tantrum before but she laid out on the concrete, kicked her feet and screamed at the top of her lungs.  I tried to rock her and sing a song to get her calmed down for nap-time but she was just so unconsolable.  I eventually had to leave her to the care of the teachers – screaming.

It was awful.  I wasn’t embarrassed but I felt really out of control and concerned that my leaving might be triggering memories from previous experiences.

And mind you, this tantrum scene was playing out in different ways for many other parent/child duos.  A straight up cacophony of crying that was absolutely mind-boggling.  I just could not understand why they offered this luncheon if they had any idea that the children were going to have such a hard time with their parents leaving.

Man…Earth Day was the worst day, now I sip red wine ’cause I’m thirst-ay…and it’s all good.


6 thoughts on “Earth Day was the worst day

  1. That is so frustrating and, kind of an odd thing for a school to plan. Don’t they usually a half-day lunch to avoid the “mommy leaving” issue?

    • Hmmm. I think this daycare was set up as a benefit to the parents of the company that I work for, in particular, it allows nursing mothers to go back and forth without a huge disruption to their workday. So children that have gone there since they were young may be used to their parents leaving. I’ll have to ask how other parents normally deal with this issue.

  2. Poor Nana! I remember the first time I dropped off Stinky at daycare and the stare she gave me as I left LMBO. It was so silent…eerie. I just knew it wasn’t a good sign. I have to admit that I don’t miss the public temper tantrums. It all seemed magnified anyway when you’re being gawked at just for GP. I pray it gets easier for your little baby heart. I bet she is such a cutie!

  3. I haven’t experienced this myself, but it happened to my husband. He decided to go to Splash’s daycare for her Christmas party. It turned out he was the only parent who attended in Splash’s class. (They must have all known better already.) She spent the entire time bawling and sitting in his lap because she thought he was there to take her home. She didn’t care in the slightest about the party. We’ve learned to donate items for parties and leave it at that.

    • I’m debating whether to visit more often so that she gets used to me coming and going or just not going. Perhaps she is just too young to understand yet. I might just have to follow your lead and just donate items. I did enjoy seeing her in her element though. Tough decision.

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