The nick of time

My grandmother was taken to the hospital this weekend.  She is my heart.  My mind tells me that I should be preparing for the worst but I just cannot bear to think about it.  We’ve gone through this multiple times in the past two years, starting with the fall that led to us cleaning out her apartment and moving her to a nursing home.  Every single time she has made it through and has still been her beautiful, wonderful self.  I’m claiming that she makes it through this time.

Especially because she has not met Nana.  And I so want her to meet Nana.   If you know the story of Wood and I, she prayed this marriage into existence.  And then she went to work on praying for our children.  I want her to see that her prayers were answered.

We were planning to travel to see her at the end of May but now I feel like I need to go immediately.  But here’s the rub.  When you are a part of the foster care system, there is no immediately if you plan to travel out of state.  We have to wait for a travel authorization. We need to provide the dates/times that we plan to travel, the place where we are staying, address and phone number.  And now we are waiting.

I’m praying that we make it in time.


5 thoughts on “The nick of time

  1. What a tough position this puts you in. I hope they are able to expedite the travel authorization. You and your family will be in my thoughts.

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