The diaper bag redux

Wood got a backpack.  On his own.  He was pretty proud of it too.  Showed me how it was packed and everything.

Okay Wood.  I see you, being all parental and everything.

Full disclosure.  Wood is an awesome Dad.  He picks Nana up from daycare, feeds her, gives her a bath just about every night. I am blessed to have him and appreciate every minute of it.

But why did we have to go through alladat?

It’s days like this that I wish I could raise my eyebrow like Claire Huxtable.  That eyebrow would say it all and I would never need to say a mumbling word.



2 thoughts on “The diaper bag redux

  1. I love that gif and also her earrings. She was so fierce. (Though, admittedly, I missed most of the episodes as a child (born in 87) and rewatched them as an adult).

    • I have always wanted to be Claire-like. She just was so classy, loving and beautiful. I think they must have had a hidden nanny or cook because they were hardly ever cooking anything in the kitchen and who was keeping that house picked up. Now that I’m grown, I know the real deal.

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