The Lost One

When Na-na was placed with her, I didn’t go into all the details about my dealings with CPS.  The most amazingly incompetent part of it was yet to be seen, but on that day, the CPS worker shows up with her paperwork, hands it over and tells me to just to sign since her and her supervisor had already signed to papers.

Mmmmm….no.  Not going to do it without being able to read it through or at minimum a comprehensive explanation of what it means.

The CPS caseworker just looked at me.  It was kind of a stare down actually. I heard crickets.  I looked up to the ceiling for a thought bubble or something.  Luckily my agency worker used to work for CPS and volunteered to walk through the papers.  The CPS worker was like, “Sure” and started doing something on her phone.

Are you serious lady?

Well, it shouldn’t have been a surprise (but it totally frickin was) when CPS called me last week and said that they were staffing my case to go to adoption prep and they can’t find the placement paperwork so would I mind sending them a copy.  Oh and by the way, she is due for a dental appointment in April, can you provide her dentist and appointment date?


So you mean that luckily you found my name on a scrap of paper or an earlier email or your RAS paperwork so you could call me because you have no legal documentation showing where a child in your care is currently located.  This is amazing to me.  I absolutely don’t understand it.

I got my agency involved and they sent over all the paperwork but we are both still scratching our heads.


3 thoughts on “The Lost One

  1. Yes GIRL. I remember that being the fastest “exchange” ever. I went a whole month without daycare (I work 3 twelves/week). The worker was the investigative worker and not my long term one. She had reported to whereever but I was never assigned. So, no funds, no daycare for a bit. The lady said she couldn’t even find my name. So, YES…I feel you. It makes you scratch your head and worry some!!!!

  2. Sadly, I can’t say I’m surprised at all. Our agency told us a story of a family waiting for a baby to be brought from another city to ours. The white baby girl the family was anticipating turned out to be a black baby boy. The agency caseworker thought CPS brought the wrong baby! As it turns out, it was the right baby, but someone *cough* CPS *cough* had not filled out the paperwork correctly. Ridiculous.

  3. Hope’s social worker called me yesterday nearly in tears asking if I had a copy of form XZY123 because she didn’t have it and she needed it for court. SMH…it’s a wonder families actually get together sometimes.

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