Parental Privilege

I like to work.  Especially if you give me a data set, Excel and two side-by-side HD monitors, I can get totally carried away.  I had to learn to leave work at a reasonable time when I got married.  Wood would see other people walking around the expatriate camp (in Nigeria) with their dogs and children and wonder why I was still at work.  We came to an agreement that I would leave at 5:30 PM.

We’ve kind of stuck to that agreement but I have on occasion stayed until 6:00 PM or later depending on what was happening at work.  If I’m truly honest, staying at work is rarely by necessity, mainly by choice (of not focusing during the workday and then needing to catch up).

But now, I have parental privilege.  I’m shutting down at 4:55 and walking out the door at 5 PM.  5 PM!!  “Hey, you know I gotta get the kid.  See you tomorrow.”

I used to check my work phone all the time.  In fact, my work phone was my only phone so it was work, work, work and restricted play on the company dime.

But now, I have parental privilege.  In preparation for a placement, I got a personal cell phone. When I walk out of the door on Friday, the work phone goes to the bottom of my bag and I might look at it Sunday evening.

If we are at an event that is a dud – “Well, you know we have to get home, babysitter you know” or “She’s getting antsy.  We better make our exit.”  *shrug*

If we don’t want to attend an event – “We don’t have a babysitter.  It’s so hard to establish a support system.”  *shrug*

I can’t wait to see what other privileges we get.  Of course, we are losing out on our DINKS privileges.  Those were some darn good privileges.

So worth it…




7 thoughts on “Parental Privilege

  1. I was terrible about coming home from work when I was an elementary school teacher. The job was a lot of work, but it was a lot of work that I happened to love. Thankfully my husband stuck around despite how much personal time I sacrificed for my job.

    Now that I’ve been out of the classroom for five years, and especially now that I have a kiddo, I can’t fathom putting in those kinds of hours. If I ever went back to the classroom, I would still love the job, I would still love the students, but I would also love going home to spend time with my family. It would be a very different experience, I’m sure.

    • Tiffany – we haven’t actually absorbed the financial impact so much yet but from the emotional side, it feels like she has always been here.

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