Stocking cap and all that

nana stocking cap

Ya’ll leave me and my baby’s stocking cap alone.  LOL.

I bet Nana’s hair was fresh to death tho’.  Fried, dyed, and laid to the side.  j/k.  The stocking cap is never on when she wakes up but so far it still looks good.  No indentions either.  I’ve gotten a two day hairstyle out of it so I’m calling it a win.  #shewokeuplikethis

I may experiment with some cornrows this weekend.  I’m glad that right now Nana doesn’t care what her hair looks like but it won’t be long before she becomes aware of how she looks and hair is such a huge part of that.

A topic for another day.


4 thoughts on “Stocking cap and all that

  1. The times I spent as a child crying in the mirror as my white foster parents tried to comb my hair . . . so much struggle.

  2. Right now we’re just waiting for Splash’s hair to finally grow in all the way. Her friends at daycare have these thick heads of hair. I’m jealous! Splash’s hair is so much thinner with small curls. I think it’s still her baby hair. We do condition it to death, otherwise what little hair she has gets super frizzy. But combing and styling are not in our vocabulary at the moment.

    I’m going to remember your stocking cap idea though. She just might need that in the future.

  3. I just died laughing!!! I need you two to take a pic together in ya’ll stocking caps when the adoption goes through. TRUST, I will be waiting for that post. *goes and puts on bonnet*

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