First Day Jitters

Today was  Nana’s first day at daycare and our family’s test run on getting her there and picking her up.  It was a lot of prep work.  I had to have all of her necessities packed – wipes, pull-ups, two changes of clothes, helmet (they wear helmets on tricycles – who knew?), blanket for nap time, sippy cup, sunscreen, hat, swimsuit, towel and swim shoes.  So many items!

I was also freaking out about her hair.  So far, I’ve been doing her hair every morning  just to get back in the habit of combing hair. I have locks so don’t have to comb my hair, per se, on the daily.  Plus, I was a little rusty on toddler styles so I wanted to get back into the thick of things, pun intended.  However, having to do hair at 6:00 AM in the morning did not sound like the bizness so I decided to do her hair the night before and put on a stocking cap.  Yeah, I went old school and cut the bottom of one of my old stockings.   Ya’ll know how we do.   Poor baby is going to wake up with a ring around her forehead.  It’ll rub out…lol.

I laid out her clothes, down to the socks, shoes and hair barrettes.  I felt like it was my first day of school.

This morning, even though I wasn’t going to work, I got up, showered and dressed.  I even put on a little makeup so I could look like a stylish mom dropping her child off.  I thought Nana would be grouchy and fall back to sleep so early in the morning but she woke up easily and started to play around.  Homegirl even wanted to eat.

We worked so efficiently we were at the facility in record time.  We walked to her room and we explored a little bit together.  When it was time for me to leave, the tears started to fall.  She started to do the toddler breakdown dance – little stomps and hand gestures.  I picked her up and gave her a hug but then gave her to the teacher.  I wanted to stay a little longer but I thought it might be like ripping off a band-aid slowly.  I reluctantly left the room and I wanted to look back in the window but she could see me and that only made her cry harder.

I rushed out to the car and let a few tears drop.  I had no idea I would be so emotional. After all, didn’t I JUST write that I was ready to go back to work.  I wanted to run back in there, grab her and peel out of the parking lot.   This little girl has my heart, you hear me.

Wood and I called to get a check up on how she was doing.  We were trying not to be “those” parents but we really wanted to know that she was getting along okay.

Wood picked her up after work and she ran into the house so excited to see me.  I’m excited that I’ll get that type of excited greeting everyday when I come home from work.   Back to work is in full effect starting tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “First Day Jitters

  1. 1. I died with the paragraph about the stocking cap. I don’t even want to do my own hair let alone a toddler’s at 0600. I did have to do my Stinky’s but that’s completely different hair!
    2. I checked up on my Stinky Fairy every day when I worked. Granted, I work 12 hour shifts…very rarely did I miss a call. One day I had to work when she had a visit with bio mom, I was so upset that I couldn’t be there for her. By my 3rd call, she had returned from the visit and I asked to speak with her. Oh, she went from fine to meltdown. I felt horrible and never did it again lol.
    It’s amazing how these little people can wake up parts of your heart you never knew were asleep.

    • I saw that you were styling Stinky’s hair so you can kind of relate. The good thing about this daycare is that they are across the street so I can drop in anytime. I’m going to wait until she is more comfortable.

  2. ROFL, you did not put a stocking cap on the child’s head. #idied! LOLOLOL–with the ring around the forehead. I get it, I do, but oh that was funny. You’ll get the hang of it.
    I email Hope’s counselor on the daily and sometimes a teacher too. Yesterday was 3 teacher email exchanges and one call to the counselor. 🙂

    • Teachers have to do so much more it seems like. At her school they have like a daily newsletter with pictures and they send home daily progress notes and they come to the phone when you call. It seems like a lot but I’m grateful for it. Glad that your teachers are engaged and using technology to connect with the parents.

      • Yes, they are all about tech connections. That first note I got from a teacher about behavior, Hope was stunned that she was not a part of the conversation. #girlbye #grownfolksaretalking!

  3. I felt terrible dropping Splash off at daycare the first time. She burst into tears and it just broke my heart. I learned that I need to get her in and I need to get myself out as quickly as possible. The longer I was there, the worse it was for her.

    Fast forward a few months, and now I can walk her into the room, she sits down at the table to wait for breakfast, and I may as well have vanished because she has no interest in me anymore. She wants her food!

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