Ready to Go Back to Work

I’m ready to go back to work.

I know that this is not the party line.  That I should be grateful for the chance for these weeks of bonding.  That this is the critical time in a child’s life and it should be spent at home with the mother.  But ya’ll, I’m ready to go back to work.

Being a stay at home mother is WORK.  And I still have work at Work.  That is way too much work to think about on a daily basis so one of these has to give.  And since we need my income to make this household work, I’m ready to go back.

Now this little girl is the bees knees.  I mean she really makes me laugh every day.  I just want to eat her thick little thighs up and I wish she would sit still enough to let me just rock her and sniff her neck all day.

But, I also get tired – emotionally and physically – from becoming an insta-mom.  I love watching this girl, and most days we have an awesome time hanging out. But when she is in one of her whiny moods, like yesterday, I can’t wait for Wood to come home to take the next shift.

Since I know this our days at home are not permanent, I don’t have a true plan.  I don’t have crafts set up for us to do, or a specific curriculum. I actually think I could be great at this homeschooling thing, with a plan.  But without one, the day just gets away from us.

Wood loves it though.  He loves coming home to both of us.  He loves coming home to clothes washed and food cooked.  And honestly, I love when he comes to the door and Nana gets all excited.  I’m happy that he seems so content with his life and that just being a family is making him so happy.

So this transition into Nana going to daycare will be interesting. We are planning to start her tomorrow, and perhaps I can go back to work full-time on Thursday.


4 thoughts on “Ready to Go Back to Work

  1. I remember talking to my Stinky about daycare to prepare her. I was so scared that she’d take it as being abandoned or me leaving her. You know. ..All the crazy mom thoughts we have lmbo. I just remember her giving me this stare, Mimi!!!! She looked at me like….”oh, so you really going to do this? I got yo number! !!”

    That can be a hard transition for any child. She sounds so freaking cute. I almost posted a “where are you” comment lmbo. You and ABM can’t be going long periods of time…I’m to vested..I need to know what’s going on in yall homes LMBO.

    • You are so funny. I’ll try to not go so long without updates. And the same goes for you missy. We can’t wait to hear about your new adventures.

  2. I completely understand. Before child, there were days I didn’t like my job all that much. Since child, I appreciate work so much more. It’s a place I get to go by myself to be an adult.

    No kid, no husband. Just me.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love them both so much, but I just have a new found appreciation for my job that I didn’t have before.

  3. Just coming up for air enough to finally respond YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live to go to back to work and thought with an older child I’d be back in the office full time after a few weeks. We’ve haven’t even made it a full week with the after school program yet–just got a call about a meltdown about staying after today. I love my job, and they are being so accommodating, but I want to back full time desperately. And I have a little guilt about it, but I want those hours of my life and my identity back. School days are a bit of respite!

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