A Pox on This House

We think Nana has chicken pox.

When I took off her pajamas this morning, her torso was full of tiny red bumps with white heads, like a crop of pimples.   I gasped and tried to keep my face neutral so I didn’t scare her.  She didn’t seem bothered by the bumps, in fact, she didn’t seem to know they were there.

They looked awful.  I had NO idea that they could be chicken pox.  I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction.  The cleaning lady had come and maybe she was allergic to what they used in the bathtub.  We had went out to lunch on Sunday and she had some calamari.  Maybe she had a seafood allergy.  Chicken pox NEVER crossed our minds.  New parents and all…

I snapped a pictures, sent it to Wood and called the doctor. She wasn’t itching so I wasn’t too concerned.  Perhaps we just need to change our soap.  Who knows?  We got an appointment at 4:00.

Wood is awesome.  He took off work a little earlier to go with us to our first doctor visit.  I had all of these papers and thingamabobs to take with me.  Placement papers and medical consent and medical form for the pediatrician to sign.  The foster care medical pack.  Never leave home without it.

The doctor seemed unsure about whether it was actually chicken pox.  She called in another pediatrician to consult.  They were unsure because of the sheer amount of bumps that she had that popped up overnight.  They said we will know in the next couple of days.  So now I’m terrified that this child will have the worse case of pox ever.  And she supposedly had the vaccine already.  Bummer.

Oh and I have to make a call to the day care center that we visited yesterday and let them know that my child was contagious and they may have a chicken pox outbreak on their hands.  Double bummer.

Oh and we also went to Chick-Fil-A.  And she played in the play area.  With other kids.  Triple bummer.

And then…we went to the doctor’s office.

We may have infected all the children in our area. What if the CDC has to do one of those investigations where they find the original source and it’s our house? How embarrassing.

Wait a darn tootin’ minute.  We aren’t the original source.  Somebody else infected my child with the chicken pox.  Who are these parents that let their children run around willy nilly infecting other innocent children.  Didn’t they KNOW their child was contagious.  Someone should arrest them.  Or give them a very strong talking to.  Or at the very least tell them to call their mother when they see something strange on their child and soak up some of the wisdom of someone who has ‘been there, done that’ and could have told them that those red bumps were probably chicken pox and advised them to stay at home where they would not infect anyone else.  Yep, at the minimum, they should have to call their mothers.

They should have never gave you people children.


6 thoughts on “A Pox on This House

  1. Bright side= you noticed bumps, she seems fine, you went to the doctor; really that’s all you can do. 🙂 She was probably exposed a week or two ago–can’t remember exactly what the exposure time is. Breathe! 🙂

  2. Ah, the foster care medical pack. We have ours ready to go at a moment’s notice. I’m also thankful that when our office in town closed, they let me take a printer that includes a scanner. We have to send every form to our case worker so being able to scan and email the forms is so nice.

    • We have to meet with our caseworker monthly since we have a placement. Can you give them the paperwork then or do you have to send it right away? I’m grateful for our scanner. It helps me keep copies of everything. When we were going through our application process, a couple of forms were lost. I had scanned them and uploaded them to the cloud and it was easy for me to send the forms even though I wasn’t at home.

      • I’m not sure of the policies because my husband usually handles all the scanning and emailing. There are some things that have to be sent within a certain time frame and others that can wait for our monthly meetings. It probably all depends on your caseworker and the agency. My husband doesn’t like things hanging over his head either, so he might also just send it right away so it isn’t forgotten.

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