Can Adoption Be Funny?

A segment on Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC’s show poked fun at Mitt Romey’s family picture, specifically pointing out his adopted African-American grandson. She later tweeted an apology to Romney’s family.


Was this wrong or just unfunny? Can adoption, and more specifically transracial adoption be the subject of humor?


3 thoughts on “Can Adoption Be Funny?

  1. I do feel it was insensitive especially with ALL we have access to via internet. There are a million videos posted on YouTube for a simple laugh. Why pick a family picture? Although, SHE may feel completely comfortable with making these jokes because of her upbringing…that doesn’t make it appropriate for television. She should have just done BETTER.

  2. How did I miss this post? It think it was a thoughtless, though not maliciously intended, episode. Known her for years, though not super well, but I know she knows better. Mimi, you say it well–pointing out folks’ otherness is always a set up.

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