How to shop without losing your sanity

We are going to a New Year’s event and I had nothing to wear.  How did this happen?  Wood asked why didn’t I just wear something in my closet.  Because nothing fits. Waaaah!!!

Well, I have to wear something and so I must go shopping.  In reality, I need an entire new wardrobe  but for now I was just focused on the dress.  Now, I have done this shopping thing before and ended up back home, empty-handed, in tears sobbing to my husband about being too big.  This shopping trip could have ended the same way but I decided to take some pre-emptive measures.

1. Be Positive

Shopping can make me fall into a slump. Like lay in bed, eat snacks and watch reality tv all day slump.  Like melting on the floor and sobbing slump.  It’s hard to find things that fit my body shape well and having to buy clothes in larger and larger sizes makes me sad. But I decided that I was going to find a dress that looks good, fits well and I was going to do it THAT DAY.

I reminded myself that it’s one night and at the end of the day, it’s not THAT serious.   I mean sometimes we (read: me) just take it to a level that is not needed, trying for perfection, and you get there and other folks are looking real regular.  Always do your best but keep things in perspective.

It’s amazing how well this worked.  Because I had a positive attitude, I was willing to try on dresses that I normally wouldn’t.  I was EXPECTING that the dresses would fit and since I was not overly critical most of the dresses looked good on me. I also didn’t get hung up on the ones that didn’t fit or didn’t look good.  If it didn’t look good, I took it off and moved to the next without incident.

2.  Shop Quickly

Since I’m not the size that I want to be, I knew it was unlikely that I would find the perfect dress to make me look fantastic (read: skinny). So I readjusted my expectations to find a dress that was comfortable for dancing and that looks cute on me.

For me, dragging the shopping process out over multiple trips allows more time for my mind to work and start feeding me negative thoughts.  Nothing is going to fit, you are too big, you should have started earlier, all the cute dresses in your size are gone… Best to rip off the band, grab up an armful of dresses in multiple sizes and do a marathon fitting session. I was determined to get a dress that day. Again, putting things into perspective is key.

3.  Embrace the Tummy

I mean, I don’t have to accept the tummy forever but for NOW, as in the next two days until New Year’s Eve, it is there, everyone can see it, and there is no amount of corsets, girdles, or multiple layers of Spanx that will make it disappear.  So it’s going to be front and center, REGARDLESS.  People are going to notice.  Understand this and get over it.  Work on it in the new year.

4. Ignore the Size of the Dress

Ya’ll, I’ve been holding on this size (that I can no longer fit) with every inch of my life, with the tips of my fingernails, with every dream and prayer that I can muster.  I don’t want to BE a larger size.  I rebuke this spirit of largeness.

But here is a little something to remember if you are anything like me.  No one knows what size your dress is but you.  Focus on the fit of the dress, not the number on the collar.  So while it stung a little to get the larger size, I refocused my energy on finding the best fit for my current body, regardless of the size.

5. Celebrate Success

Ya’ll, I found the bomb dress.  It is black, floor length, hugs my curves (and unfortunately my tummy), but I feel fly in it.  I look good in this dress if I say so myself.  The Hubster has approved.    I have bought some Spanx (just one) for smoothing it out and  made a mental note to only take pictures facing front.  🙂 With that, I’m going to boogie the night away.


5 thoughts on “How to shop without losing your sanity

  1. THIS POST!!!! Yes, honey, yes and amen at the church of positive energy and rebuking size whatever! I picked up a cute dress for a party at Old Navy, of all places. Grab and go is one of my shopping mantras too.

    Happy New Years!!

  2. Number 4!!!!! I’m just going to put my business out there. I bought some size 7 panties and looked at them with such disgust when I pulled them out. I said, “look at these big ol draws!”

    Mimi, why did they not fit?!!!

    I was heartbroken lol. I refused to buy a size larger until I had a similar realization as yours. I’ve bought the bigger panties and guess what? I didn’t die or drown and they’re actually quite comfortable LMBO.

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