Who in the world would let us watch their baby??

We have been asked to provide respite this weekend for an 8 month old girl.   I am so excited.  It’s going to be fun to have a baby in the house and I am just tickled to have this opportunity and for such a short time frame.  It’s like a practice run, right?

On the other hand…


I have not changed a diaper for at least 10 years.  I’m sure it’s been many, many moons,  if ever, for the Hubster.   I had to go to Babycenter.com to find out what 8 months old are like.  Can they eat chicken fingers yet?  Babycenter.com says no.  What about bottles?Do I still have to warm the bottle?

I do not know how to work the car seat.  We don’t have a car seat?  Can we borrow the foster parents car seat?  Will we be stuck in the house all weekend?

What about bedtime?  I have not given a baby a bath by myself before.  When I was growing up, they bathed babies in the kitchen sink.  Is that acceptable.  Oh no!  My kitchen sink!!  Will putting a blanket on her in the crib be a choking hazard?  I can’t let her freeze to death.

There is not a single toy in this house unless you count a Playstation 3 and Taboo.  She will be playing with television remotes and a stress ball that I found on my desk this morning and some pots and a wooden spoon, I guess.


I’m sure it will be fine.  We are mid-thirties, sane, practical people.  There are people taking care of babies everyday.  But they don’t have to answer to CPS.  I have some more thoughts about this respite thing but that is a blog for another time and another day.

So to help us along, I need ya’ll to pray.  Not in the keep you in my thoughts sort of way, but in the close your eyes this very minute and send a prayer that Mimi and Wood return this child in the same way or better that she comes to our house, Amen and Amen.

I’ll keep you posted.



2 thoughts on “Who in the world would let us watch their baby??

    • We made it through the first night. It’s actually been pretty fun and my husband and I make a pretty good team. I’ll have to post about our weekend.

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