Olivia couldn’t be my friend

Mimi: I’m kind of over scandal though
these storylines…

K:  you LIE!

Mimi: girl no
olivia…go head with all that
she couldn’t be my friend no matter how fly she is

K: oh yeah
def not
she’s a bird
a smart bird
but still a bird

Mimi: she stays destructing lives
she’s a messy chick

K: but her life has been really effed up
she has Daddy issues
and Mommy issues

Hmph.  That may be true but until Olivia realizes she got issues, she keep everyone around her in some sort of drama.  She is messy wrapped in a beautiful shell. She does harmful things to her friends supposedly for the greater good.  And she’s wrong  A lot.  But people stay trusting her.  Not me. I do the slow fade on folks like that.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.


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