This American Life: Unconditional Love

This week, This American Life is titled “Unconditional Love.”  There are three stories included:

The prologue details research by Harry Harlow who conducted a series of experiments with monkeys to prove that love is essential to a child’s development and growth.  Pretty interesting.  Act One tells the story of a couple that adopted a child from a Romanian orphanage that eventually came to be diagnosed with attachment disorder.  Act Two is a story about a couple dealing with an autistic son and the decision to move him to a long-term facility. 

I started listening to this episode while I was running errands and only heard up to the point where the adopted son became violent with his parents and the discuss the strain on their marriage.  Honestly, it freaked me out.   I’ve read enough first-person stories to know that every story doesn’t end with the family intact.  Reactive Attachment Disorder is a true fear of mine.  But I also know that I cannot operate from a position of fear.  The people in this podcast got past their fear and moved on to a solution that was right for their families.  I encourage you to check it out. 

This American Life: Unconditional Love


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