Hanna Rosin loves R. Kelly. Really?

Ya’ll know that podcasts are my pleasure,right?   One that regularly listen to is the Slate Double X podcast with Allison Benedikt, Hanna Rosin and June Thomas that focuses on women’s issues.  I don’t always agree with their assessments and more than once I’ve rolled my eyes hard as they attempt to discuss issues related to women of color without actually bringing on anyone outside of their white, middle-class, east-coast circle to bring a different perspective.   After listening to their latest podcast, “The Chanksgiving Edition,” I’m really irritated with Hanna Rosin. 

At the end of each podcast, they discuss something (article, book, recording, video) that they have enjoyed and recommend it to the listeners.  Hanna Rosin’s apparently loves R. Kelly and recommends his on-the-fly love songs for Rolling Stone. 

Really Hanna?  I’m so disappointed in you.   If you know anything about black women’s concern with R. Kelly’s history regarding underage girls, it seems you would steer clear from endorsing him or his music.  At least publicly.   I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you didn’t know that he is a pedophile, that he peed on a black girl and avoided prison time for it.  Perhaps this is  a blind spot for the feminist community at large since Jezebel.com was also slammed last week for its review of R. Kelly’s newest musical offering. 

I think Ebony’s Jamilah Lemieux said it best when she tweeted:

“It’s 2013 and I still have to explain to people why I have issues with R. Kelly.  Guess we need a White victim to emerge so folks will get it”

That may sound harsh but it just underscores how when it is brown and black bodies that are being fondled, its all fun and giggles.  What if he had peed on a  14 year old nice Jewish girl.  Would she be tee-hee-heeing at his sex diddies then?  Would she just LOVE R. Kelly then?   Girl, go’ head with all that.


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