Can Michelle Obama have a moment?

@joelcifer: “Michelle Obama teaching a master class on keeping tabs on your man”

I’m not on Twitter but I keep wanting to make that move because I feel like I miss out on all the shenanigans.   People are extremely witty and come up with all kind of craziness to help pass the workday.   According to the media, First Lady Michelle Obama stays giving folks to side eye.   The latest iteration was people having a bit of funny by captioning this picture.  Joel Pavelski @joelcifer tweeted, “Michelle Obama teaching a master class on keeping tabs on your man.”    *dead*

But then I felt bad for her because I know how it feels to have folks policing your face.  Especially if you are like me and  happen to suffer from BRF – bitchy resting face.   And even more especially if you are a black woman and are continually concerned about being thought of as “angry.”  It is a constant exercise in ensure other folks feel somewhat comfortable around you.   It has decreased as I’ve gotten older, but I still get called out for my facial expressions.  I may be sitting, lost in thought, minding my own business (much like Mrs. Obama was) and inevitably someone will ask me “what’s wrong.” 

“Uhmmm….nothing”, I typically respond, a little confused by this question and a bit defensive.

“Oh, you look like you are upset about something.”  


“You sure?”

Okay, now I’m upset because BRF has struck again.  I ACTIVELY have had to work on sitting in meetings with the sides of my mouth slightly upturned in order to look more pleasant.  And still, the Hubster routinely tells me that I rolled my eyes when I just looked away. 

Michelle was probably minding her business, tired from traveling all the way from DC to South Africa (which is a 17 hour flight), irritated with all those fake greetings and making a list of all the things she needed to do when she got back to her hotel room.  The last thing she was thinking about was someone schmoozing her husband.  Sometimes, you just don’t feel like being “on.”  It’s unfortunate that she can’t just be human and have a moment. 


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