Foster Care Update

A quick update on our foster care progress.  Just a reminder, we are in the foster-to-adopt program for a African-American female, ages 0-2.

  1. Our homestudy was submitted for a little eight month old baby girl back in October.  Time passed. We didn’t hear back in November so we assumed we weren’t shortlisted.  This was confirmed last week.
  2. We were called for an emergency placement, even though we were not on the list at the time.  A 3-month-old baby girl was being released from the hospital.  She was drug-exposed and had surgery already in her young life.  She had been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and another condition that I don’t remember the name of.  She also had “feeding issues.”  I called the Hubster and discussed but we decided to decline.  We both work and this child sounded like she needed someone who could continue to manage her doctor’s appointments and had the time to work through any feeding issues.  It just wouldn’t work for our family.
  3. We agreed to allow our homestudy to be reviewed by CPS for a kind of “in-the-air” situation for another eight month old baby girl but the court date was pushed back to January.  The CPS worker liked our homestudy and profile book and wants our adoption coordinator to present us an at upcoming case update meeting.   We are still in play for this one.
  4. We were presented with a situation today for a 11-month-old girl.  The next court date for this case isn’t until late January so I am assuming that they will have the RAS before then.  *shrug*
  5. We have put our names on the emergency foster care list and that is exciting and scary at the same time!  Who knows what may happen with this situation.

And so we wait…


6 thoughts on “Foster Care Update

  1. I hear you about all the waiting. We were finally licensed in November 2012, but we weren’t submitted for our first child until January 2013. From that point on, our home study was submitted to about 2 cases a month. At first, we’d get our hopes up, especially if the information about the child was detailed and even more so if it included a picture. Sadly, we were never on the short list for any of those cases.

    It wasn’t until the beginning of May that we got a call about an emergency placement for a 10-month old little girl. It was a whirlwind. We got the call around 1:30 in the afternoon, and the girl was in our house by 5:30! We’ve learned that if you’re willing to take emergency placements, be prepared to hustle!

    I hope your waiting period doesn’t last much longer. For us it was disheartening to be turned down over and over again, but the waiting did finally pay off.

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