Love, Hate and Shoutouts: The Thanksgiving Version

Love:  That my mother and stepfather came to spend an extended weekend with us for the first time.  My sister called the day before and said she’s coming and so the whole family was together.  Maybe this is a new tradition.  Thanksgiving with us.

Hate:  That my grandmother is in a nursing home and there was no family to be there with her.  That my cousin had to work and couldn’t come.  Our family reunion was incomplete without them.

Love: The feast that the Hubster and I put together for our family and friends.   We gets it in.  Bear fried a turkey for the first time.  I had a quick anxiety attack about the possible oil flash and flames devouring my house as a result.  However, my recommendation that they move their cooking paraphenalia to the street was promptly vetoed.   Turkey was fried without incident and Hubster gloated.   We also made a roast, mapled ham, macaroni and cheese, dressing, greens with smoked turkey necks, fried corn with a generous helping of bacon (or bacon with some corn it it), homemade quick rolls dripping with honey butter, rum cake and peach cobbler.  We also made a delicious sangria that had folks dancing by the end of the night – literally.  Yes ma’am. 

Hate: That my macaroni was not my best showing.  It was good and folks were taking leftovers.  To me it wasn’t like, girl, you put your foot in it good.  I feel some kind of way about that.  I think I need another chance to redeem myself. 

Love:  That we opened our home to others in the area that didn’t have families here.  I’ve lived a couple of places and I know how it feels to not be able to get home and not have anyone think to invite you.  I think in most cases, people just assume that folks have a place to go.  We had three other people to share in our Thanksgiving and I loved it.

Hate:  The last minute rush to buy another table and reset the table settings to accomodate additional people.  The upside of this is that now, I have seating and table settings for 12.  Go me!

Love: The way that Bear and I came together this weekend to support each other.  My mother watched us (yes she did) clean up the kitchen together and remarked that it was amazing to her that we both just worked together, we didn’t have to ask each other to do anything and we supported each other so well.  It just reinforced that I’m truly blessed.  Bear gave up a LOT of football this weekend to host my family and he did it willingly.  I have a great husband.

Hate:  We had some miscommunications this weekend.  Bear needed some time to himself and would take some time to go to the bar for football.  We both are semi-introverts and need time alone to re-energize and so this wasn’t a problem.  However, there was one time where he didn’t watch the clock and the whole family was waiting for him to return in order to do the next activity.  Defensively, he tried to turn it on me and call me a “overbearing wife” for calling and asking where he was.   These are the times when I wish I had the ability to give him the Clair Huxtable raised eyebrow.  I had to make do with an extremely hard eye roll (when his back was turned because in his face would not be productive).   He took some time to think about it and eventually apologized.  I’m a lot of things, but overbearing is not one of them.

I could keep going with Loves and Hate because we had such a great weekend.

Shoutouts: The Crate and Barrel appetizer plates that come 12 in a box are perfect as dessert plates and they look great stacked up on your dessert table.  Get with it.  Also, Pandora just churns and churns on our Playstation so I wasn’t able to get a nice playlist going.  However, Youtube works great!  There are DJs that put out their mixes on Youtube and you can listen to hours of neosoul (or your pleasure).  It was a life saver.  DJ Raphael has some great mixes that I used this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Love, Hate and Shoutouts: The Thanksgiving Version

  1. I loved this post ! I love to see couples who can work together well, but still respect the need for personal space. I glad your dinner came together so well. My hubby is a huge football fan, so I know what he sacrificed to host your families. LOL Glad he was a good sport about it.

    • His missing football is more than a notion. So of course I didn’t mind when he snuck out to get a few quarters in. BTW. I’m going to have to stop back over by your blog to see how the wedding went. Congratulations!

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