We Are Thinking

About opening our home to emergency placements.  But this is a scary thing.

Emergency placements are needed when a child comes into care.  It could be a variety of situation that call for CPS intervention.  There could be children at home without adult supervision, or a mother left her newborn at the hospital, or the police arrest the parents and there is no relative to immediately take care of the child, or a grandparent who was previously taken care of the children passes away.  At this point, CPS doesn’t know much about the situation.

So when they call, there isn’t much information or it may be incorrect.  And there is no guarantee that once a child comes, that they will stay.

The father, hopefully, may come to take care of his child, unknowing that his children were left home unattended.  A woman may identify herself as the mother of the child.  An aunt, uncle or grandparent may open their homes to a second or third generation.

So we are still in wait mode.  Like the girl on the side of the double dutch lines, waiting for a safe time to jump in.



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