Love, Hate and Shoutouts

I was traveling last week so I didn’t do much posting.  I would like to post more regularly but best laid plans and all that jazz… So onto the good and the bad.

Love: Hubby took me on a date to see Anthony Hamilton and Maxwell.  I’m so grateful for my husband.  He knows what I will love and makes sure that if any of my favorite artists are anywhere close, he gets tickets.  Such a sweetie.

Hate: Since it was our first time to the Woodlands, we went too late, got stuck in traffic and missed part of Anthony Hamilton’s set.  And the walk.  Holy Moly!  My feet still hurt.  Luckily I had some flats in my purse.  I’m not sure how the other women are doing it with those stilletos.  iCant.

Love: Getting to hear Maxwell sing “This Woman’s Work” live!

Hate:  Can I just say that Maxwell is corny.  I know, I know.  I love his music and I really wanted him to be sexy but that dude is stiff.  He has absolutely NO swivel in his hips.  He says he’s from Brooklyn but Maxwell has to be from the ‘burbs.   He is Steve Urkel, not Stefan Urquelle.  I actually don’t have to see him again.  So sad.

Love:  I went to Oakland last week.  I LOVE the BAY!!  It is my ideal place to live if it wasn’t so daggone expensive and far from my family.

Hate:  I didn’t get to see my cousin who recently moved out there for work.  I wanted to see her new apartment.  *sad face*

Shoutouts:  I seem to watch a LOT of television but it is what it is.  Have you watched “The Good Wife.”  I know folks are all into Scandal but this last episode of The Good Wife called Hitting the Fan – whew!  I was actually giddy.  I haven’t felt like that about a TV show since I don’t know when.   The Good Wife is a show that started when all of these political wives were standing by their disgraced husband after they had been exposed for an affair.  However, the main character in this show, Alicia, separated from her husband and went back to work.  This season, Alicia and some of the other associates are starting their own firm and taking some clients with them.  And this last episode…baby.  Watch what you can OnDemand!


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