Love, Hate and Shoutouts

Love: That I was feeling so good about my eating this week

Hate: That I messed it up with Wing Stop.  And then a shake from Chick-Fil-A.  But it was sooooo good.

Love: Finally got my wall decals for the nursery. Wood and I had so much fun putting them up.  Their cute!

Hate: It disturbs the sophisticated look I was going for by making it look like, I don’t know, a child lives there.

Love:  Wood is getting sooo much better with dancing and as a result WE LOOK GOOD.

Hate: Nada.  It’s a fun couple thing for us to do  ad something we can do as we get older.

Love: We are probably going to host Thanksgiving at our house

Hate: Not really a hate but I need to get moving on decorating our house a bit more.  I spent so much time on this nursery but the rest of the house looks bare.  No bueno.

Love:  That we are finally getting quotes on updating the shower and tile in our bathroom

Hate: The quotes are HIIIIGH!

Shoutouts:  blackandsexytv on YouTube. I found blackandsexytv by accident about a year ago looking for other black web series. Headed by Dennis Dortch, Numa Perrier and others, they have a variety of web series that are real, non-stereotypical looks into the black experience.  The dialogue is so realistic, the production on great and they usually have nice new R&B or neo-soul tracks as background music.   My favorite series is That Guy and it has given my friends and I hours of conversation.   They also have The Couple, Hello Cupid and Roomieloverfriends. Check it out!


4 thoughts on “Love, Hate and Shoutouts

  1. Also loving this idea! What a great way of addressing the ups and downs! I might have to do a similar series! I”m also going the decal route for Hope’s room! Yeah, not exactly the sophisticated look I was aspiring to either, but…oh well! 🙂 Love the idea!

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