I’m off my rocker…literally

No seriously.  I need some help with finding a reasonably priced rocker/glider for the nursery that doesn’t look like it belongs on Little House on the Prairie.  No offense to those with one of those rockers mmmkay.

Wait, back it up.  Do I need a rocker/glider for the age range 0-2 years where the child will most likely be somewhere between 1-2 years old?

Anywhooo – I’ve never even looked at the Pottery Barn Kids or the higher end lines.  I was kind of looking in the $150 – $300 price point.  Our style is transitional and I prefer clean lines.  I would like a comfortable chair that I can sit in with a child, sing songs, read books,  sit in comfortably for hours on end while staring at this miracule through the slats of the crib, and rock a child to sleep. So here goes it.

Option 1:  Delta Bentley Upholstered Glider and Ottoman Set ($199)

I’m not sold on this chair.  It’s cheap and it’s gray.  Reviews are positive.  It’s a little more modern looking than the other wood and fabric gliders but meh.

Target - Delta Bentley

Option 2: Magical Harmony Taylor Glider Charcoal Velvet ($399)

This chair looks comfortable but a little frumpy.  It probably would work.  There are only three reviews and one indicates that the seat is short.  It’s also a bit more than I want to pay.  Once you get to $399, you kind of are like, why not $450 or $500.  No?  Maybe that’s just me.

Target - Magical Harmony Taylor

Option 3:  Dorel Rocking Chair and Ottoman ($318)

This seems the most cost effective and most likely option.   You can get a chair AND and ottoman.  They have overwhelmingly positive reviews however the complaints are that the back is not high enough to rest your head and that it may take a bit of effort to rock properly.  It also is a bit bulky.  But based on the customer pictures, it looks cute in the room and can be used other places.  I’m concerned that they only have Butter or Denim slipcovers (you must have a slipcover) and Butter is said to actually be khaki.  My room is gray, yellow and teal.  Do you think this will be a big deal.  Maybe a throw or pillows can incorporate it into the room.

Walmart Dorel Rocker Butter

Option 4: Enchanted Cherish Glider ($335)

I can’t download this picture but man this chair looks COM-FORT-BLE (yes, it is spelled incorrectly for emphasis). I mean the top of this chair looks like you can just lean your head back like a Calgon moment.  Feedback is highly positive and it looks like it has a high back.  The only chair that might match is the Ivory Tex and it has chocolate brown piping.  Not exactly the color scheme that I was looking for.

So folks – what do you think?  Any of these reasonable options?  What chair do you have in your nursery or did you use one? I got questions – you got answers.


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