I might have to get a flip phone

I stopped by the T-mobile store today. Since are foster care situation is now officially moving forward, I really need to stop abusing using my work phone and get one of my own.  I haven’t bought a phone since, oh, 2008 or so.  Phones are frickin’ expensive.  I mean, really, $600.  I can buy a laptop for that price or a big screen tv.

So the saleswoman, a younger lady, asks me what I will use the phone for.  So I answered honestly – to talk, text and gchat.  And the young man standing by was like, is that all.  I’m like, what else is there.  Maaaan, I felt like my mom.  OLD.  Like technology has passed me by.

We chatted a bit more as I explained to her that when I’m at work, I’m not really using my phone.  I use my phone to talk in the car, but it’s attached to bluetooth in my car.  When I get home, I’m usually on my Macbook or my Samsung tablet.  I like take pictures so I would prefer a better camera than the iPhone.   But really, I don’t use my phone for much.

She explained that people in her generation use their phones for everything.  She was asking me about watching movies on my phone.  I’m like, why, when I have a TV, laptop and tablet.  It seems so strange that I would use the smallest device in my electronic arsenal to watch YouTube. I’m like, you know you can pull that up on your TV right?   She just shrugged and said, that’s just what they do.  Chiiiillle.  These young folks.

This last weekend, a friend looked at my phone and said, why don’t you have any apps on your phone.  Uhmmm, *whispers* because it’s my work phone.  Perhaps if I had my own phone, I would use it more freely, download more apps and find more uses for it.

$600 though?


3 thoughts on “I might have to get a flip phone

  1. If you don’t need the latest and greatest phone, then I would check Amazon to see what deals they have for phones on upgrade. I would check Gazelle if you like iPhones and ebay for phones in general. I’m team Android myself.

    • I’m on it. Now the only thing that I like that I might miss out is the easy way that I can upload pictures to my macbook. I’ll have to figure that out.

      The hubster has T-Mobile – what do you recommend?

      • If you don’t need the newest iPhone, I would recommend the 4S or the 5. That way you can stay in the Apple family. However the 5C MIGHT be the same price as the 5. You need to compare them.

        If you are interested in an Android phone, I’d recommend the Galaxy S3. It’s last years model but has a great camera and still is a really good phone.

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