Love, Hate, and Shoutouts: v2

Love: My green pantsuit that I wore last weekend

Hate: That my stomach is so big it sticks out like I’m wearing maternity clothes.

Love: Seeing my friends in Atlanta at our yearly reunion – my friends are doing it successfully!

Hate: Dealing with the aftermath at home from Wood feeling some kind of insecure or lonely about me being gone

Love: Going the entire weekend at a class reunion without taking a single drink even though folks were getting twisted all around me.

Hate: Not taking a single drink – this abstinence is for the birds

Love: Being nominated for a leadership development program at work *popping collar*

Hate: All the schmoozing that it requires. Networking is a skill folks!

Shoutouts: These new television shows are the! I’m kind of over Scandal – yes, I know – BLASPHEMY! But they just dragged that story line out and iCant with these breaks in the middle of the season for a month. I’ve moved on to something else. Anyway, I am recommending that you check out two new shows. I saw the premieres and they look great
The Blacklist – On Mondays, 9 Central on NBC. This is an FBI serial staring James Spader, who I love most for his time as Alan Shore on Boston Legal. So quirky.
Ironside – on Wednesdays, 9 Central on NBC. This one stars Blair Underwood as a detective in a wheel chair. What is going on, because Blair looks like he has made a deal with the devil so he stays young looking and supple. The man is very nice looking. Whew.


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