Our first time and I was TOTALLY unprepared

I mentioned briefly that our homestudy was submitted for a child.It happened so quickly, I didn’t even have time to prepare and get my list of questions out.  One second my placement worker (PW) was re-scheduling her quarterly visit and the next minute she was telling me they had submitted us for a five month old baby girl.

I was completely undone as she told me about the baby, you hear me?  Undone.  She’s currently living with a foster-only family and is healthy and developmentally on target.  There was quite a bit of information in the bulletin about the child’s parents, including medical status and living status of the father. Relatives had already been ruled out and the current goal for the case is non-relative adoption.  While the case is still legal-risk, our PW felt it was a good fit  for us based on the details of the case.  She even told us her name and funny enough, it rhymes with the name that I have been holding on for my daughter since I was a senior in high school.  Isn’t that amazeballs?

I immediately called Wood and told him everything that I remembered, relying on my scribbled notes for the details.  He didn’t say too much then but told me later that he’d been thinking about the phone call all day.   Wow, after all this time, we are off and running!

Our PW told us not to get our hopes up too high  – there still is a lot of process to go.  For the foster-adopt process, all agencies in the area are able to submit up to two homestudies.  From all those homestudies, could be hundreds maybe, CPS or DFPS shortlists 3 families.  A meeting called a RAS is scheduled including CPS and agency representatives for each of the 3 families.  The child is presented first, such as information about how long they have been in care, reason for being in care, previous foster placements, family history including mental diagnoses.  Each agency presents their family, along with their profile book.  The agency representatives step out while CPS deliberates and the family is chosen.  So…as I mentioned, there is still a lot of process.  But you know what, I’m just happy that we are at the part where we can even be considered. I’m content with that.


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