Preppin’ Ain’t Easy

Wood and I have slowly degenerated in our eating habits. It’s bad yall.

It was mostly because I would come home harried at the end of a long day, kick off my heels, and run upstairs to change and then lay on the bed, my body language clearly saying fend for yourself, I hope you weren’t expecting me to cook, I’m way too tired for that, plus aren’t we all grown and can get our own food, right?  And Wood would nod, slowly backing out of the room so he didn’t make any sudden moves and go make sandwiches or huge bowls of cereal.  And I would eat cookies.  And WingStop.  Lots and lots of WingStop.  About a week ago, we stopped eating, looked at each other and thought, “holy moly, how in the world did you get so big?”  We both gained back the 10 lbs we had painstakingly lost and probably more.

Our main issue is that we never had a plan.  Wood would call me at work and ask me what I wanted to eat.  I would get home, look in the fridge and we wouldn’t have any groceries.  So we’d give up and plan to cook another day.

So this week, I have decided to enter the world of meal planning.  OMG, I can’t believe it.  Is this what life has come to?  Am I now one of those wives with etsy-inspired menu boards and categorized recipes.  Yes I AM darn it!  Well, not quite…but I’m aspiring to it.  Wood agrees.  If it can help us eat healthier and already know the answer to, “what are we eating tonight” he is all for it.  So I’ve made up a menu for the next two weeks, taking into account the food that we already had in the refrigerator and the pantry.  It even names the Chef so we know who is responsible for cooking that day.

Let me tell you something though.  Starting out…that ish was hard.  Just deciding what to eat for two weeks was an exercise in frustration.  Wood wanted to bail and give up on the project, but I, how do you say it, redirected him. We must do this.  And then we went shopping at Whole Foods and picked up everything we needed for our meals.  Afterwards, I just felt so accomplished.  Like a good wife who knows what is happening in her house.


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