The Drawer That Shall Not Be Discussed

If you remember in my previous post here, there was A Drawer That Shall Not Be Discussed since Wood had been trying to find a missing piece.  I was working hard on not saying anything even though its been a MONTH.  However, our newly assigned agency worker informed me yesterday that she needed to do a quarterly check before the end of the month (yes, it’s starting folks)  and the snaggletoothed drawer just would not do.  This is the lady that is going to represent us as RAS meetings.  I don’t want her sitting in a meeting, passing around our profile books and thinking these people can’t even keep a dresser drawer together, let alone keep an 18 month year old – no bueno.

Wood had assured me that he had been looking for this piece and just couldn’t find anything in the entire city of Houston that would do.  He had looked at ALL the stores.  Hmph.  So after I left work, I stopped by Home Depot and asked them if they had any boards with this thickness.  Well, shucks, they absolutely did.  And what’s that?  You will also cut it for me?  Why thank you.

So after Wood rolled his eyes and put the drawer together, he says, “well, I had one ordered already, I just had to go pick it up, but it’s cool.”  *side eye coupled with unbelieving mouth curl* Well.  Let’s just leave it at that, shall we.

Introducing the finished set of drawers.  Yay!



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