Love, Hate, and Shoutouts!

Love: I look cute today. Took a couple of extra minutes and put on a red belt and red shoes. Accessories make the difference!

Hate: That I’m bloated because of PMS

Love: Going to see my grad school classmates this weekend for our annual reunion

Hate: That hubby decided not to go and get to know my classmates a bit better. I really would like Wood to be more comfortable around my friends so that he can be more comfortable when we meet up for reunions.

Love: Hubster gave me snuggles this morning before going to work – after getting up early, hanging up a picture in the nursery and fixing the kitchen cabinet drawer – he was busy

Hate: Nothing to hate about that

Love: My farro meditteranean salad – first time I cooked farro – delish!

Hate: That I missed out on going to the Farmers Market for lunch

Love: We were submitted for a child today!!!!

Hate: The wait – boooo!

Shoutouts: I love listening to podcasts. They are the background to my workday when I’m not listening to a Jill Scott playlist. So today, I’m shouting out a couple of podcasts that I’m really enjoying. You can download all of these from iTunes.

  • PostBourgie podcasts – These podcasts are actually pretty old and they haven’t made any new ones since 2013. I really love listening to young black people talk intelligently about politics and pop culture. As a bonus, Jay Smooth of Ill Doctrine, back when he still introduced himself as Joel, is a participant. For me, these conversations make me feel like they are sitting in my living room, having a conversation about things we should be talking about. I wish they would make some more but all of these participants have gone on to become brands themselves. Gene Demby, or G.D. is the lead blogger for NPR’s Code Switch blog and used to be the managing editor for the Huffington Post. Both Jamelle Bouie and Monica Potts write for the American Prospect. Very smart folks.
  • AfterBuzz TV podcasts – I love these! These give me my pop culture fix and since Wood refuses to watch any television show with commercials, I have no one to discuss the show with.
  • This American Life – this is how I started with podcasts. I heard This American Life on NPR and was so intrigued by hearing these personal stories and I wanted to hear more. While I don’t listen to them as much because I’ve kind of gotten bored with the format and feel like they may have started to run low on creative ideas, however, most of the stories are still great for newbies.

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