Dear Sallie Mae, I Hate You.

I cannot understand how Sallie Mae can be so incredibly lackidasical about their customer service, but overwhelmingly agressive with their collection services.  It’s perfectly fine for them to mess up your payments and stress you about, but if you are missing a payment, or even if they made a mistake, there is absolutely no grace.

Sallie Mae misapplied my August payment and I have been working since September 3rd to get it corrected.  First I started noticing daily phone calls from Sallie Mae.  I thought they were just spamming me with product calls.  But then I checked my account and saw that they made a mistake.  They put the full payment to one loan, leaving the others unpaid.  Something that should be easily fixed but when I called, they told me there was an issue with their system and it was backlogged.  They could put in a request to have it fixed but in the meantime, would I like to pay the amount that was overdue.  What in the filthy flarn filth?  Are you actually asking me to pay twice, for something that is clearly your problem.  And then are you also telling me that while you know its your problem, you will continue to call me and send me threatening correspondence?  That’s wack.  Their management is aware that there is a system-wide problem and instead of communicating to customers, they have continued on with business as usual, even to the detriment to their customers.

The last customer rep that I talked to said, “no worries, we are not reporting to the credit agencies at this time.”  As a consumer, the word of an account rep on this issue means nothing because they are not responsible or accountable should delinquencies be reported.  Additionally, the written communication that I have from Sallie Mae says otherwise.  In fact, an email that I received just yesterday says that, “we may report your delinquency to all national credit bureaus as early as 45 days past due which will damage your credit rating.”  So I have no faith in what the account rep says.

Sallie Mae gets a lot of flack and based on my experiences with them, much of it is well-deserved.

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