Bedroom for a Very Small 30 Year Old Woman

I keep moving forward with the nursery.  I’m pretty happy with how the pieces are coming together, even if the room actually looks like it is for a very small 30 year old woman.  Mina said I need to add some animals in the room and I agree.  But on to the pictures.


I was inspired by all the subway art on Etsy but didn’t want to spend $24 on a file that I still had to print and frame.  I also wanted it to be a bit more culturally relevant. So I made it myself. I’m sure we will have plenty of time for her to be a princess, but I want her to always know that she is loved.


I was going to add fabric roses to the lampshade like I saw on the Simply Ciani blog but then I got tired of all of these projects, found this rose lace and took the easy way out.  It sill looks cute I think.  Very girly.


This little sign was inspired by Ashley over at Make It & Love It, but I wanted mine to be a distressed wall hanging.  I love how the letters came out but the board…hmmm.


One more thing.  This will be henceforth known as The Drawer That Shall Not Be Discussed. Supposedly, there was a piece missing when Wood put this drawer together.  The only thing that is missing is the bottom of the drawer.  It is an easy fix and one  he says he will fix every weekend.  Yet, my drawer is still looking snaggletoothed.  I am trying not to be a nag but it’s going on a month.  Really?  Really…


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