The Pursuit of Nursery Perfection

I’m nesting.  I didn’t really know this but when I was explaining my irrational obsession with getting the nursery completed and she named it. I had no idea that it affects you even if you aren’t carrying a child in your womb.  But I I want everything done like YESTERDAY.  Everyday I am feverishly working on a project and driving Wood up the wall by assigning him random things to do.  I even gave Mina a project to do – she’s making felt pom poms – so cute, but I digress.   There is one thing in particular, the dresser drawer, that is working my last nerve.  The bottom to one of the drawers was missing and instead of just going to Ikea and getting a replacement, Wood has decided he will get a replacement piece from the hardware store.  Except, he hasn’t and it is driving me bonkers.  It’s been weeks man and it is messing up the aesthetic of the entire room.  Fix it!

This nesting craziness is directly related to  the general obsession and maybe even over-obsession with decorating a nursery.  I’m sure there were people that had really beautiful nurseries when I was growing up, but it was probably limited to a certain social class.  Since we didn’t have that much money or the inclination, our bedrooms were decorated fairly cheaply.  When my best friend had my god-daughter, she painted the room, slapped a few decals on the wall, perhaps added one of those cartoon borders, you know the wallpaper that you put around the top of the room, and called it a day. We thought it was lovely.  Now I’m making cornices and sewing my crib skirt by hand.  How did this happen?

I have automatically fallen into the pursuit of nursery perfection.  I didn’t even realize that the hours spent looking at pictures for ideas was indoctrinating me, to a certain extent.  Not only must my nursery be beautiful, it must be DIY AND frugally obtained and have attention to details that no real child would be interested in or be allowed to play with but can be staged for pictures such as the vintage train set that was found at the thrift store for 2.00, or the ceramic owls, or the framed movie posters.  I haven’t spent this much time and attention to the rest of my house.  The nursery will have a handmade sign with distressed wooden letters and my bedroom has no curtains.  Isn’t that a bit off?

Where did this desire for nursery perfection come from?  Is it because we have more access to the inside of other people’s homes and have something to compare to?  Is it a social status thing?  My friend who recently had a child has a chandelier in her nursery. A chandelier!

I’m loving every minute of making things myself but I realize that it is a bit overboard.  Wood says that the room doesn’t even look like a child’s room.  What are your thoughts about striving for nursery perfection?




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