Too Many Projects

We have started working on the nursery.  Up to this point, it looked like a junk room with a crib and halfway finished dresser (courtesy of Wood who has been going to the hardware store for a missing piece for weeks).

Because I am Mimi, the one who makes things hard when they don’t have to be, who must incorporate every nursery idea from every website into a 10′ x15′ room and who MUST make every single thing, I have a LOT of projects.  My goal was turn this storeroom into an actual nursery by the end of this Labor Day weekend.  I didn’t exactly accomplish this but I do have a better idea of how I want the nursery to look.

It started with colors.  I originally picked yellow, orange and pink.  Sounds fun and cute right?  But I’m not a bright colors girl and I couldn’t commit to anything that bright.  I really tried but I was way too indecisive.  So then I changed yellow, grey and teal.  Way more my speed, and I could use a muted palette with a pop of colors.  My mother said it sounded like boy colors, so I was a bit discouraged.  And to be honest, I didn’t see any girl rooms in those colors. But I moved forward anyway.

I bought this bright yellow (and with a later look I realized it was more orange) to make some cornices for the windows.  I also bought some yellow snuggly fabric for the changing pad cover.  AFTER I worked so hard on the cover, I realized that the orange for the cornices didn’t go well.  So off to the fabric store again and they had some NEW fabric in that was PERFECT.  Wood and I worked on the cornices this weekend.  I LOVE THEM!  I love, love, love them.

So here is a quick peek into some of the projects that I’ve completed so far and some that are still in process.  First up is a bunch of paper pom-poms that I’ve kind of hung over the crib.  I like them…but they aren’t exactly what I want.  I think I’m going to recreate them with fabric.  Second is a quick view of some things I’m going to hang on the wall.  I’m going with a bit of distressed look so the mirror and the picture frame are perfect.  I’m going to add some flowers to the lamp shade.  The next picture is my changing pad cover – so cute!  I might make another one, that one was pretty easy.   The fourth picture is going to be a wall hanging.  I’m going to distress the bead board and the letters.   And lastly – the cornices!  Aren’t they so cute.  Kudos to Wood who brought in his expertise to make sure they were hung straight.  I’m pretty excited to see how this will eventually turn out.  What do you think so far?


baby room collage 1



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