Extroverted Introvert

There is something to be said about solitude…when you want it.  I crave being alone.  I like to luxuriate between my sheets, stretching out my limbs, wiggling my appendages without constriction.  I love walking around leisurely, taking pictures of whatever strikes my fancy.  I like to listen to NPR in my car or whatever podcasts I’ve loaded up on the iPod.  I like to load up books on my tablet and go to my favorite sushi and eat at the bar – by myself.  I’ve traveled by myself in South Africa and Mauritius.  So I like being by myself – a lot.

But on the other hand, I love having people around.  I wish I lived in a place where people could stop by.  I want folks in my kitchen, talking to me while I cook.  I would love to have dinner at my house every week – a whole tribe of folks who love and support each other.  I want my family close, or some sort of family structure. I need people in my life.

A bunch of contradictions…I guess I would call myself an extroverted introvert.

I didn’t used to be like this.  I remember when I first joined INROADS and they told me I had to learn to look people in the eye.  My best friend from elementary told me that she remembered me being shy.  I used to hate working on teams because I had to talk to people.  Yet, I always had friends.  I always was able to get people moving in a certain direction and getting them excited about an activity.  My friend in college said she didn’t know why people were friends with me because I was mean…but friendly at the same time.  Now I think I’m just mainly friendly – the meanness has mostly worn off.  Good thing.



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