I just need to commit.

So I’ve been thinking about this and why I’ve been so challenged since coming to Houston.  I’m not sold on this place yet.  Besides the fact that it gets really hot and I have to drive everywhere, I’ve just not settled down properly.

I’ve lived in quite a few places so what makes Houston so different?  Well, all of the places that I’ve moved and thrived, I’ve been very connected in someway.  When I lived in Iowa, I was a leader in my sorority, doing poetry stuff, I had a little Sister through Big Brothers and Sisters.  I was busy and had a lot of friends.  The other places I was going to school so there was a lot of connection there.  When I lived in Nigeria, I lived on a camp so there were always people to visit and the expat community reached out to each other.  I was challenged when I lived in California until I started dancing.  Then I had my community.  When I lived in the Bay Area, I hated it.  I was only going to be there six months so I didn’t try to make a lot of ties to the area.  But once I knew I was going to stay, I moved to the city – Oakland – that is, got involved with a dance group and majic happened.  I loved it.  When I stayed in Southern California – same thing – I was only going to be there for six months so I hated it.  No friends, no community, nothing that connected me to the area.

Theme:  I have to commit to the area.  I need an activity to connects me to people and expands my world view.  I need to find ways to give back to the community so I feed that need for philanthropy.



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